MAIN OFFICE:    N C M House    1st Floor    Tel: 020 2643371    Cell 0722 251079,  0722 224372    P.O Box 10459 – 00400,   Nairobi, KENYA.


    Employee theft investigation      Under cover investigation      Executive protection      Outside sales / delivery checks      Fraud Investigation      Pre-employment     background checks     Trademarks Infringement


    Accident Investigation    Motor theft    Fraud Investigation    Fire & burglary & general theft    Cause of death    Workers background checks    Tracing of third party / Recovery    Employers liability    Public liability    Witness tracing


    Adultery / Infidelity / Cheaters    GPRS Tracking    Undercover investigations    Missing person    Debt collection    SMS & Phonecalls


    Process serving    Witness locating    Non competent agreements / wills    Debt collection    Asset Tracing

Welcome to Third eye Private Investigators

Third Eye is an organization of experienced and licensed private investigators       whose mission ``Look out for you’’.  We will accomplish this mission with  due diligence by investigating matters that affect you, family member or perhaps one of your friends. We will do whatever is authorized by you in a legal, efficient and timely manner.

At Third Eye, we carry out confidential investigations and checks for companies,Individuals or groups and artoneys. We trace lost relatives, beneficiary, investigate insurance claims and work undercover. We use intelligence to unearth the facts surrounding the subject matter. We gather as much evidence and information as possible for client consumption.

Third Eye works for Individual clients,insurance companies, attorneys and financial institutions.

At Third Eye, we ensure that we keep up with any legal changes that affect our work. We function within the law and make sure any evidence we collect is correct and admissible evidence in court.

Third Eye also offers services in pre - employment validation, back-ground checks computer crimes, Infidelity / Adultery tracking, DNA / Forensic Investigation,Undercover Investigations, Background Checks, Fraud Investigations, GPRS Tracking, Accident Investigations, Motor Theft, Fire and burglary, Debt collection, Asset tracing, Outside sales / deliveries, Counterfeit goods / Products, Non competent agreements / Wills and Process serving at a reasonable fee

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